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A self-made entrepreneur, digital futurist, maverick blogger and freelance solutionist, — on a journey to promote digital literacy and teach self-reliance
5 Min Read

AI, a Dual-Edged Sword of Modernity

AI has been a hot topic for decades, with many people excited about the potential it holds and others concerned about the risks it poses.

4 Min Read

A for Audios, E for Establishment; The ABCs of Our National Despair

Lucky students to have the esteemed PM in the classrooms. They'd have loved learning how to despise E for Elections while adoring E for Establishment.

8 Min Read

The toxic people in your life who’d stab you anytime

The people who drain your energy and hinder your personal development through negative conduct and manipulation? Who are they in your life?

7 Min Read

Get over your addiction to social media before it robs you of your actual life

A simple audit of your online time; asking yourself a few tough questions will shock you about how the excessive use of social media ruins your real life.