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Raza Dotani
The pain that engulfs me each day and the scars that adorn my spirit are cherished, for they remind me of the ruthlessness of the world and the lurking serpents within humanity.
Don’t let the pain go
Raza Dotani
Auckland, NZ

In the depths of my being, an agonising affliction persists, relentlessly tormenting me. It is a grievous scar that lacerates my soul day after day, accompanied by an unyielding melancholy that stifles any semblance of a smile. — I hold dear this very anguish, for they remind me of the ruthlessness of the world and the lurking serpents within humanity.

These pains, wounds, and sorrows converge to ignite an inferno within our hearts, compelling us to confront the callous denizens of this unforgiving society. They illustrate the immense strength and fortitude required to navigate amidst their apathy. Gradually, this torment transforms into an indomitable force, conjuring a tempest of madness within.

Initially, such notions possessed a poetic allure. However, as one comprehends the necessity of certain agonies and the inevitability of enduring wounds, an individual metamorphoses into a lone wolf, relentlessly pursuing their ambitions. It is through this process that I grasp the bitter truths concealed within this ruthless world.

While we selflessly uplift others, we inadvertently dismantle our own foundations. Those around us, crafty and sly, cunningly exploit our very souls in the inferno of their self-interest. The true extent of their guile and deceit remains concealed until the moment they plunge a blade directly into our chests. It is then, when we bear the brunt of their betrayal, that we realise we ourselves have nurtured serpents and vipers, which, in due course, ruthlessly sink their fangs into our vulnerable selves. Hence, these wounds are indispensable.

May these wounds forever remain fresh and vibrant, an enduring testament to our pain. For these very wounds ignite sparks, transforming into beacons of light within the abyss, and these afflictions, in turn, fortify us with unwavering strength. Let us not allow this pain to dissipate; rather, let it persist as a constant reminder of our resilience.

— Raza,
— Auckland, NZ

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